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When I first uploaded this site back in the early 90's, it was very hard to get people to consider not doing something that they mostly weren't doing anyway. 

Most folks simply nodded or shrugged - they had little reason to disagree or agree.  Some didn't want to recycle anyway, so they didn't get too far into the philosophy. 

Today?  Oh, my!  How the times have changed!  People stare at the logo, say "stop recycling?" out loud, locate my eyes, and look at me almost with contempt! 

"What do you mean!?" they immediately ask.
"And do what?"
they nearly shout.

AHA! The hook is set.  So, let's explore just exactly what I mean when I ask people to STOP Recycling.  

And thank-you in advance, for avoiding recycling as much as possible in the future.

Environmental Activist
Environmental Artist

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PS... sorry.. my jewelry line is exclusive to stores, gallery, and museum shops.  But visit the site anyway... it's really cool stuff.
Earrings from a Truck Radiator?

I gather up ancient copper gutters, roof flashing, parts of abandoned cars and chunks of old appliances.  After the "harvesting" I RE-PURPOSE these unappreciated gifts of serendipitous beauty.  Very gently, without burning any fossil fuels, the discards become
wearable art jewelry as seen in the bottom photo. 

It is so humbling to know that somewhere, there is a conversation about conservation because someone, somewhere, is wearing one of my nearly 40,000 pieces of jewelry.

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